♦ Intelligence Treaty

Levels and grades of Intelligence

Throughout the ages, man has questioned many things on account of the sensations provoked by his senses and his existence which he could not understand.

At first, the only difference with the rest of the animals with which he cohabited was his appearance. To overcome and protect himself from the hostile environment, his instincts which provoked him to reach human intelligence, induced him to initiate a culture of survival that involved him in the dynamics that progress generates, which has taken him to the actual state of modern civilisation.

Unfortunately, man today resists and fears new discoveries, the same way cavemen were shocked at each discovery that led them towards civilisation. That is why we must awaken and be disposed to discover and accept the potential that the future and the intelligence of the universe have predestinated for Human Beings. We must understand that today we find ourselves exactly in the same situation our ancestors were in, without having found the answer to the reason of our existence and many other universal unanswered questions.

Science has been the pillar of our development, however, it has not been able of to withdrawing the caveman within every modern actual man, still dominated by his instincts, which are the cause of all the sufferings and  problems of humanity.

We must reach the universal supreme levels of intelligence which we are capable of developing, so as to be able to stop reacting and leave behind the caveman who incubated the superior being which we aspire to become.


Scale of grades and levels of  Intelligence

♦ First Grade:

Primary material, atomic and inductive Intelligence



It’s the original intelligence and the beginning of everything in the universe It´s the intelligence of energy that has dynamics, reason and motive, and therefore is evolutive, if we take into account, that from the beginning of existence, the behavior of the atoms energy, its action and reaction is ruled by dynamics, reason and motive. This is essential to everything that exists and is the principle of matter, life and other issues which we will deal with further on. This is why atomic behaviour and its consequences are the original intelligence, the intelligence that originates and sustains matter and life, which is the first link, the first level, the primary grade of intelligence.


♦ Second Grade:

Primary biological and existential Intelligence

Biological Intelligence


We find this intelligence in the vital behaviour of vegetables and plants. For vegetables to grow, they depend on the circumstances that surround them. They can’t choose, think or act to obtain better quality and variety of life, the only possibility they have, is to hold on to life in order to exist. In different parts of the world, we can observe how they fight for life when transplanted from their natural climate and surroundings to one which hinders their development. Many times trees are seen growing at the foot of a railway track or between rocks, where we know under these circumstances, they will have no future.

The intelligence of inferior mechanical existence is the second grade of Intelligence.


♦ Third Grade:

Instinctive Intelligence

Instinctive Intelligence


This intelligence belongs to animal life.This type of existential life can vary relatively, some birds and other animals migrate from one place to another to vary their survival circumstance. They can’t transform their surroundings nor the environment, because as they lack thoughts, they have no objectives and only attend the induction of their instincts of survival.

Their cycle of existence is very narrow, only a little above the cycle of vegetables, and this is why we consider the animal existence to be a middle degree mechanic cycle. This is if we observe animal life with their migration qualities and capacities, because when they go from one place to another, they give variety to their survival circumstance, but never to the quality of circumstances because their choices are limited. They can move from one place to another, but can’t change the quality of their environment.

The vital existential vegetable-animal food chain is based on the mechanical intelligence of life, which is very distant from the formal mechanic intelligence that seems to be only reserved for man.

♦ Fourth Grade:

Formal Intelligence

Formal Intelligence


This grade of intelligence is the sum of the three previously explained degrees evolved.

Formal intelligence is social dynamics, science, technology, philosophy, customs and cultures as man actually practices and applies them. They are the base of what man considers the rational thought, and in this way positions himself in an incomplete and in consequence mistaken reality, very distant from satisfying the intellectual needs of evolved human minds. Their pre-established way of thinking doesn’t allow them to accept geniuses, considered rude and abnormal. Geniuses have had to break with formal mechanic intelligence, to bear the fruits of their thoughts, that revolutionise the way the formal man thinks and acts in a free and more transparent way, obviously differing from formal intelligence and its pre-established rules.

With great respect and love for the levels of intelligence reached by modern man, we need to analyse some concepts, that have served as a structural basis for the solidification of formal intelligence. Who has not heard, repeats and applies statements that the world has repeated through years and years without stopping to study the meaning contained in them?

Man is the measure of everything

Yes, when man started his intellectual development, he realised that no other animal or vegetable could compete with him on account of his ability to think. This is why he started to believe he was the centre of the universe and began to compare himself with everything. He needed to codifying and conceptualise the bases to give him, what they thought, was an objective formal direction to their ingenuity that they believed and thought to have. This is why it was necessary for them to develop and codify their way of speaking, their language, and writing, and gave everything that surrounded them and their subjective concepts a name. They started to transform the world materially, without caring about the effects and adulteration they were causing on nature. They never realised, that together with these unconscious actions, they were adulterating their own interior natural nature.They unconsciously believed to be the base and measure of everything and therefore  to be the centre of the universe.

Yes, it is, unfortunately, necessary to reconsider, modify and redirect formal intelligence. When considering the cultural customs of  different countries, we realise that what is good in one country, in others is regarded as bad. It would not be appropriate to point out particular questions concerning this fact, nor use any particular country or culture as an example.

Reflective Analysis
Perfect is perfectible

Perfection is perfectable

In formal intelligence and its derivative culture, we often speak of perfection. We constantly see something, an act or fact which pleases and supposedly fills the conceptual perspectives of perfection. However what is perfect?  A song, a painting, science and technology, or perhaps man’s constitution? What can be perfect if everything evolves? Perhaps the universe is perfect, or perhaps the universe evolves, what do you think?.

What evolves is in a process, therefore, can’t represent perfection. It is true that in time, space and matter, certain conceptual events fill some requirements of perfection for the moment, but within rhythmic dynamics, what today we perceive as perfect, tomorrow we no longer will. The mechanics of physical and intellectual refinement of man and all that is of nature is evolutionary, of constant awakenings and renewals. Therefore, perfection is perfectible.

Returning to the concept of formal intelligence, and after reflecting on the intermediate analysis::Is it positive for our intellect to continue using basic formal intelligence? Or do you think that perhaps this way of thinking will be sufficient for the intellect of man to reach the new knowledge which new age of mankind requires?

Obvious intellectual stagnation is recorded throughout history. Only a few hundred years ago, formal intelligence stated that the world was flat and wisdom rested on that conceptual statement. Today many flat worlds remain and are accepted as conceptual wisdom by formal intelligence. Man is trying to conquer space which he misunderstands, without realising that each day the most important of all journeys and conquests is towards our interior, where supreme universal intelligence rests and is waiting for us to discover, reach and conquer.

Empire and fortification of the static intellect of man

static intellect

Supporting and being supported by the static intellect of man is perhaps due to the fact that there isn’t an alternative way of ruling and thinking. In different times, places  and cultures intellectual phenomena suddenly appear just to fade away, because in the practice those ways of thinking didn’t help man to evolve and improve the intelligence of those who practised those new ways of thinking. History shows and proves that these events, instead of illuminating the road towards man’s progress, tended them with the darkness of ignorance.The world was and still is, inhabited by multitudes of leaders whose main problem is that they believe to be smart. We have seen and keep on seeing much sorrow and sufferings on account of the decisions and acts of these leaders. However alleged leaders or prophets alienate man with their doctrines, dogmas, customs and culture, which are nothing more than ignorant intellectual pollution which is transmitted from generation to generation without any consciousness from father to son, to grandchildren and others. Who dares not to adopt and practice those habits imposed, are not accepted and in many cases attacked. It seems that the debacle is inevitable unless we raise our sight towards the heights and are able to distinguish the light of love and intelligence that the nature of the universe is offering us.

There are books which feed the ignorance of man that believes the words written in them. They say absurd illogical things, and when someone questions their content wisely, there are those who defend these predicates arguing that these texts are symbolic, that what is written in them should not be interpreted literally.If science and technology in their books didn’t say what they say if everything was symbolic, then what would they say? It would be madness, everyone would interpret in their own way.  For example in mathematics, some would say that 1 + 1 is 3 and others would interpret that 1-1 would is 4. If all writings were symbolic how would we be? Completely retarded and unable to progress due to such absurd alienation.

Reflective analysis:
flat world mind
There are many flat worlds in formal intelligence static minds:

Galileo Galilee was demonised and burned to death for saying the truth. Unfortunately, there are still many flat worlds in the minds of those who defend and practice static formal intelligence, who still today continue to exercise this retrograde practice of demonising, despite the proof that they are true, the creators of new universal concepts. They hang on to their mental pollution, which they defended and expand contaminating it to their descendants.

Formal intelligence promotes fear in man, fear of leaving the beliefs and prejudice imposed behind, fear of going out to discovering the truth. But formal intelligent static minded people prefer to stay in the comfort their ignorance offers them, instead of going out to conquer and discover the truth. Their beliefs and ignorance don’t deserve any respect because they are responsible of paralysing man’s intellect and prevent him from reaching higher levels of universal intelligence and consciousness. If man holds on to cultural or social habits, to comfort, ignorance, racism, cowardice, fear or loyalty to beliefs inherited, he will stop advancing, he will stay there stuck and paralyzed in his ignorance, unable to venture out and discover the knowledge that shall allow him to evolve, discover, and conquer truth.

However, in what situation would you find yourselves with the culture acquired if suddenly you were taken to the era of Stone Age? What would you do to explain and make our ancestors, the caveman, understand that there is electricity, writing, science, technology and other types of knowledge, which at that stage of man can’t even be imagined? How do you explain for them to understand that there are no gods of thunder and fire, that there is no reason for human sacrifice, etc., etc., etc.?

Yes respectable reader, in that alleged situation many people in different parts of the world find themselves today, considered mad or just dreamers by formal static minds Just as you would see the caveman we mentioned earlier, in that same way these madmen or dreamers look and judge with extreme sadness the world with its formal intelligent minded man.

Habits of Formal Intelligence


We are used to all kinds of barbarities, which practically no longer surprises us. However, when we  are victims and suffer on account of our current way of thinking and acting, is when we realise that we need to change our way of thinking and acting, so we react only for a moment. instead of sustaining it for developing ourselves to evolve and improve.

Our way of thinking obviously precedes the way we act. Intellectual development of man at the beginning, with all its defects and setbacks, can be understood and accepted. Unfortunately thousands of years after man initiated formal intelligence, he still hasn’t evolved and refined that way of thinking and acting.

Formal intelligence reasoning is individualistic, always thinking of winning at the expense of others tears, pain and loss. Faced with these questions man presents many small and unacceptable answers. There is the talk of success in business, politics and sports. Win what, maybe money, maybe to win is earning money exploiting others? How sad and painful it is to win at the expense of others loss. This is the behaviour of man who is victimised and governed by his degenerated instincts, very distant of human behaviour.

Ignorance is intellectual poverty, it is the cause of fear, hatred, selfishness, greed, racism and all the problems which are actually affecting man, divided and confronted, separated from his universal natural essence, on a road of ignorance greed and selfishness, which is leading him further and further away from his universal reason of existence.

Let us accept and love everyone and everything contained in the universe, the universe is essentially one and one is the universe. We must stop fighting against it, it does not fight against us.


♦ Fifth Grade: Supreme Intelligence


This form of intelligence is reserved for Universal Human Beings.

Man is born with the first three levels of Intelligence inherited and activated in his genes, with the aptitude for developing Supreme Universal Intelligence.

Supreme Universal Intelligence, like all universal knowledge, science and technology, will not come down to the low frequency of man. It’s man who must open his heart and raise his thoughts to tune in and connect with the highest universal frequencies, in order to conquer all the universal knowledge reserved for Universal Human Beings to discover.

Man can’t develop Universal Supreme Intelligence from formal education. He must learn how to reach, tune up and connect to the highest universal frequencies of intelligence, to bring down to the physical frequency of man, new concepts, discoveries and creations, in all areas of universal knowledge, science, technology and art.

The only way Supreme Universal Intelligence can manifest in matter is through the mind and thought of Universal Human Beings.The Universal Human Being generates thoughts created by the sentiments, which are induced by the needs and understanding of the spirit. This is how the Universal Human Being is governed in his thoughts and actions by the dynamic frequency of the Universal Spirit, which is the same frequency where Universal Supreme Intelligence is. This is the only way how Supreme Intelligence and the Universal Spirit  manifests in matter.

Supreme Universal Intelligence is evolutive, always reaching higher, always going further, because it’s infinitely evolutive and transcendent.

We offer courses and practices for man to learn how to syntonize, connect, perceive, prove and develop Universal Supreme Intelligence.

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