♦ Are you living or just exiting?

Are you living or just existing?

The most necessary science 

Science of matter has progressed immensely while human science remains undeveloped. Ignorance about ourselves has given mechanics, physics and chemistry, the power to govern our form of life, our material and mental world.

Man is only a stranger in the world he has created, unable to organise it for his own benefit, due to the lack of knowledge of his nature. Since natural conditions of existence have been destroyed by what man calls modern civilisation, science of man has become the most necessary of all sciences.

It’s evident, modern science doesn’t follow any plan, it’s progress depends on fortuitous conditions. Their discoveries and inventions are developed and applied, without considering the consequences. However, these consequences have made our civilisation what it is today.

Man chooses material and scientific richness, without taking into consideration the needs of Human Beings and Humanity.

The only solution for this is a much deeper understanding of ourselves.

.For those who want to live

No one can put beliefs inside of us, nor religions, pains or bad intentions if we don’t put them inside of us ourselves. We must be who decides what we take from our exterior and if we place it in ourselves or not. Man takes good and bad things from his exterior and deposits them in his heart, in his feelings, in his mind, in his memory, inside of his being.

We must understand that no one can enter, affect or harm us if we don’t accept if we don’t allow what others try to put in us. Man feels joy, sadness and fear, he feels big or small, happy or unhappy by choice. Someone can be hitting us, they can be humiliating, insulting or spitting at us, but if we decide not to feel what they want us to feel, we will not feel it. We will see the world with indifference and smile inside of ourselves, knowing that those who are trying to humiliate us, attacking us in different ways, are trying to affect us inside without succeeding.

We are the ones that decide what we feel. Nobody is to blame for our feelings, our sadness, our tears, our pain, our joy or our happiness. We are who must be the ones who are in charge of ourselves, who are the owners of ourselves and of our feelings, not others. We must be the ones responsible for deciding and provoking our feelings and sentiments, not others. It’s one who decides because we are the one who is within ourselves, not the circumstances, not the bad or good things others do to or for us. We are the ones who make things good or bad inside of ourselves.

Some people want us to be happy or to be miserable. These people can’t decide for us because the decision is ours. I urge every individual who wants to revive, to understand that our past sorrows, misfortunes, beliefs and all our sufferings are part of the past. We must bury the past because the past is death. We must understand that our sufferings, misfortunes, pains, beliefs, fanaticism, sorrows, disappointments and all the bitterness of the past, are dead, so we must bury them. We must understand that our past is already dead and buried.

How sad it is to see people loading their beliefs, traumas, pains and fears, dragging the darkness of their past because they don’t dare to bury it. They don’t understand that all their fears and beliefs, all that is happening every day in their lives are in the past and that they are being destroyed, swallowed and killed by it. This is why we must bury it and  go up towards the light of the future.

It’s sad to see people dragging corpses of the past, but even sadder when those corpses revive to attack in the present and cause suffering. It’s sad because their corpses revive to relive their traumas, pains, sorrows, fears, ignorance and beliefs. They revive to remind themselves they are going to die, that they haven’t got a road or destiny ahead of themselves other than destruction and death. It’s pathetic. Those people are sentenced to death because the corpse they were in the past, every moment will be killing their present, they shall definitely die and no longer have another tomorrow.

Who knows how to bury his corpse of the past, will have light, will have a road and destiny. Death shall never reach them, because they will bury death and with this bury pain and sorrow, to revive with the wisdom received by knowing how to bury the past and with the wisdom to know how to bury every moment that goes staying behind. We must bury the corpse that one is with the suffering, traumas and pains. Bury that past to go forward towards the revival of our lives, towards the light, towards the future, on the road which has a destiny: The sure destiny of glory and transcendence.

Sad and unfortunate are who stay with the corpse of their past, because in the present, a corpse they already are.

Fortunate and happy are those who go forward towards the future, towards the glory. For this, we must develop universal knowledge and consciousness.

What does it mean to live ?

Man learns to live as the group does, dragged by the habits and beliefs that are practised according to the place where he or his parents were born. He only exists for thinking, acting and believing as is accustomed by the group and therefore, he no longer lives in society, society lives in him.

How many people are saying, doing and believing what is customary? They eat, sleep, grow, study, work, procreate and then what? Only to grow older and die?

That is not living, that’s only existing as plants do. Even though a road is put ahead of them, they won’t be able to follow it. Their future and sure destiny will be to be consumed by some animal or serve as a fertiliser for the earth.

Living is not just having a life without making good use of it. Living is having life for activating it, to use and enjoy it. To live is to know where you come from, where you are, what you are, where you are going, why and how you are going.

To live, one has to get rid of bonds, prejudices and beliefs. It isn’t enough to have great physical health, or a great spiritual essence or intelligence.Who has one or two of these essences is not living and can’t be happy, because  they’re only existing in unfinished realities.

Man can say that he is a living human being, when he has cultivated developed and achieved his three realities: Physical, intellectual and spiritual development.

Otherwise, he won’t be living, he simply will be existing, out of order and out of the reality in which he is meant to be living in.

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