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We know that to create electricity, negative and positive energy from a generator is needed. Similarly, for the creation of matter and biological life, universal negative and positive energy is needed.

All matter in the universe is composed of inert negative energy that has been fecundated by positive dynamic energy, and where appropriate circumstantial conditions exist, biological life begins. All biological life evolves on our planet earth until animal life appeared after many biological mutations. As the ancestors of man were the most suitable and prepared of all animal species, with the most refined and developed instincts of survival. During his evolution and need of survival, he was able to reach and syntonize the universal frequency of human intelligence. This is how man becomes a rational animal.

Human intelligence isn’t generated in man’s brain, human intelligence comes from a very high universal frequency. When man was able to reached the universal frequency of human intelligence, he received a part of the Universal Spirit, from where human intelligence comes from. The brain is a like a catalytic converter, a landing track which Universal intelligence needs for materializing  through the thoughts of Human Beings.

Man is an animal, because he has a natural biological body, and he is rational because he was able to reach and syntonize the high universal frequency of human intelligence.

The physical-organic and intellectual duality of man

There are different ways of thinking and being.This is where man differs from a Human Being, by their different ways of thinking and acting.

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The mental function of the brain, is the same as the function of the heart or the lungs, it’s for keeping man alive. This belongs to the negative, to the body, to the physical-organic matter of man. The feelings of his senses and his instincts, affected by the existential circumstances, induces and motivates his reactions, thoughts and actions. The rational animal called man, is induced by his instincts, interests and feelings, his material and physical-organic needs created by the sensations and instincts, generate thoughts to meet and satisfy those needs and interests, sometimes misunderstood by the subconscious.

For man, to think is to remember and or to relate to someone or something. With these few words, we can resume what the meaning of thought is for the intellectually retarded man that inhabits this world. The problem is, man doesn’t know how to think, he doesn’t even know what thought is for. He doesn’t know what the object of thought is. This is the reason why man can’t and hasn’t evolved his intellect.

Human Being:

Human Beings thoughts and actions are governed by the frequency of the Universal Spirit. The dynamic energy of the Spirit manifests in the physical frequency when Humans generate thoughts that are created by their sentiments which are induced by the needs and understanding of the Universal Spirit.

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Thought is the main work of the brain, it’s the conceptual exercise that increases, releases, heals, strengthens, develops, evolves and transcends the intellect of intelligent beings. The brain and intelligence are nothing without a product, without a fruit.

The fruit of the brain and intelligence is thoughts.

The fruit of thoughts are the concepts developed.

The fruit of the concepts that are exercised and applied is consciousness.

The fruit of consciousness is universal transcendence.

 For developing high levels of human consciousness:

We need:

 1-  Completely free and unlimited rational Intelligence. 

2-  Exercise and apply thoughts physically and mentally to experience them.

3- Conceptualize, create a system of scientific, technological, educational, and cultural concepts until we create a system of concepts of concepts, to create pure intellectuality which is consciousness.

The object of thought is to develop consciousness, and this is achieved by researching, thinking, and knowing that the object of human intelligence is physical, intellectual and spiritual freedom. The solution for the problems of life is to think in a rational, objective, evolutionary and infinitely transcendent way.

For man to reach freedom of thought and action, he must learn how to break and release himself from the static atomic material frequency he and his body are trapped in.

The superior heights of the universe are for free and conscious beings. Freedom and consciousness are the wings that man must activate to navigate and know the universe.

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