♦ Positive and Negative Energy of Thoughts

Energy of Thoughts
The energy produced by our brain, our thoughts, create and emit energy. The positive energy that we produce with our thoughts, is the energy we consume to construct and build our future, our achievements. On the other hand, the negative energy of our thoughts consumes us, it’s the past that reaches,captures us, that reaches us, that destroys and consumes us. It can even be fatal. It destroys us and destroys those that are around us and those that touch or are around the things we touch and use.

Negative energy is the destructive energy and BioUniversal Energy is the constructive energy of the future. Negative energy is anti energy that stays here, it’s latent consuming energy that reaches people whose thoughts are of a very low frequency, who have a very low negative rhythm of existence. It’s necessary to accelerate our mental rhythm to be able to live and leave everything negative that causes fear, insecurity, mistrust, mental traumas, greed, selfishness, racism, ignorance and fanaticism behind. All these issues build negative energy that reaches us all. On the other hand wisdom, truth, fraternalism, love all those things produce energy of high frequency for the future which is constructive for ourselves and for others. All the area around us becomes clean, becomes positive and constructive, it’s energy is generated and projected towards the future and serves us as a nutrient, for us to feed ourselves from the future.

Negative energy delays us, stops us, binds us to the past and consumes us. Positive energy serves us, it nourishes our life, it takes us towards the future. Positive energy gives us life and splendor, it elevates us, while the negative sinks us. Hatred, sadness, depression, love etc., is not a state of mind, it is nothing but frequencies inducing us. You put yourself in tune with the frequency and will think and act accordingly. You put yourself in frequency and act like animal, beast or like an angel depending on the frequency you syntonize. Figuratively it’s like when you are exposed to sunlight,it will burn you, or if you bathe in the sea, it  will  cover all your body with water.The same happens when we tune into the different universal frequencies.

Man doesn’t know he’s like a puppet manipulated by universal frequencies. Who are caught by them are swallowed by the swirl, consumed and destroyed by inferior frequencies.The Universe is like a soup of many frequencies, it depends on the mental capacity and knowledge developed which frequency we are going to syntonize ourselves to. For example people with what psychiatry calls esquisofrenia don’t know how to tune, they are tuned by inferior frequencies that destroy swallow and consume them.

Man doesn’t understand, he can only understand what he remembers, the frecuencial memories is was he syntonizes remembers and transforms into thought. He is caught and trapped syntonizing those frequencies, therefore  his thought is only based on memories, his thoughts always have as reference a memory. This knowledge is revealing, scientists, psychologists, psychiatrists and geniuses do not know this.

Man must think in lineal and not in atomic orbital frequency

Some of the questions that man has asked and continues to ask himself  is why are we the way we are, what are we here for, why do we think and act the way we do ?

The atom makes us feel, we feel the energy emitted  by atoms. We are energy manifested as a result of energy. The energy that moves us, and manifests in us is caused by atomic frequencies.The atom remains static, it stays within a certain orbit, within a certain location and  man thinks and acts in the same way, accepting and needing to be that way.

Man always thinks in a beginning and  in an end, he thinks of birth and death, in  beginning and ending, due to sensations caused by the atomic frequency in his organism. Man thinks in the beginning and end, a limited form of thinking and being. His body wears out physically and that limits his way of thinking, he thinks of  wearing out, of growing old, of finishing his life, instead of extending, growing  developing and transcending.

Man, as a result of the movement that wears the atom out, is also wearing out. Man is born, he reproduces,he grows old and wears out, because he’s spinning like the atom, and the atom is spinning inside of him, wearing out inside of him.

Unfortunately man does not understand that his mentality is not for wearing out, the mentality of man is not orbital, it’s of a lineal frequency, not orbital. But that’s the way man lives and has been living, wearing out thinking of the same thing, in a circle. His culture, his beliefs and his way of living and being is a circle and is wearing out, always the same. Hence all the problems of man, all the evils of man, of consumerism, of materialism, of how to exploit and be exploited, how to kill and to die, how to believe instead of knowing. It is a logical consequence of atomic matter that shapes and forms that transcends into the mentality of man, into his way of  thinking and his way of acting.

Man must understand that his mind must free itself from that frequency,  from that wearing action of the atom and of his body. If man doesn’t understand that his thoughts must be of lineal and not of orbital frequency, he will never leave the way of thinking and acting that wears, denigrates, degenerates and destroys him.

The atom has man tied down to it, and until he releases himself from that way of thinking, he will not be able to release his way of acting, of feeling and of existing, limited, destroyed chained to the atom. Man must release himself, he must think in a lineal way. That is, never return back, always going forward, forward, forward and always forward, to leave his old ways, his old traditions and beliefs, to achieve wisdom and obtain lineal mental physical and spiritual progress.

Our thoughts are like a radio broadcasting and receiving signals

to and from the universal frequencies to which we syntonize depending on the kind of thoughts we have.

Energy of thoughts

Enteric ( + ) Future

Ateric (+ -) Present

Antromic ( – ) Past

Enteric frequency ( + ) constant Future

Its future, always going up never consumed, it regenerates itself in consistent vertical jumps. It parts from here, it gets there and from there it parts beyond there. It never returns, it never bounces, it impulses itself, because it’s constant dynamic future.

Ateric frequency  (- +) Present

This is the present static frequency that goes in a certain direction, with waves both up and down and to all sides, in 360 degrees. It goes in circles, it’s of an instant, and it’s being consumed. The anteric frequency is the atomic frequency that maintains and controls matter. It’s gray because it’s between black and white, in the center, and it’s static because it has no particular direction. It is the frequency that is worn, consumed, which does not leave a certain radius of a circle, the circle of the atom. Its split in two, it’s between the past going towards the future. It’s past and consumed future at the same time, it’s being consumed, it’s not defined, and it’s of a moment. This is precisely why we said that matter is time, that time is matter and matter is governed by gray consumable energy.

This gray energy has the mentality of the man trapped in it, he can only see today, only feel and perceive today, the present. He can only see and feel what hurts him now, the actions that he’s feeling at this moment. He isn’t capable of going to the past in his animal state, much less aspire to go to the future. This is the static state in which state man is in. The atom has dominated the mind of man, it has him retained in the atomic frequency. When a person lives in the past, he is consumed, he lives in fear, in error, in hatred, in death and obviously lives in belief, exploitation, injustice and ignorance. All that is past, because It has no future. The people that consume and generate that energy transmit it to the anteric frequency, to the past. Instead, people who are love, who have clean thoughts, who help others to grow and develop themselves, these people are sending energy to the enteric frequency.

The anteric central gray energy gray, isn’t going anywhere, it’s consuming and disintegrating itself. At the same time that it’s being generated it’s degenerating, it’s not going anywhere. It’s consummation maintained by the atom. That’s why that energy exists in the atom, by the atom and for the atom and therefore isn’t going anywhere.

Anteric frequency (-) constant Past

Energy that’s consumed, stays in the past and is destroyed. All negative energy goes to the anteric frequency.

We are like a radio, we are receiving and sending signals to the past, to the anteric if we are destructive, if we are negative, or to the enteric if we are positive and progressive, if we love, if we do beneficial things and transcend. It depends on where we direct our antenna to, where we direct our activities, our thoughts and feelings to, is where we direct our energy and where we shall integrate our energy to.

Energy which is static, which is of the moment which isn’t going anywhere, that consumes itself, is like man who has no universal reason for living. To live simply because he exists in and for matter. Obviously that energy of and for the moment, is being used by the static frequency, and that statism is precisely what threatens to destroy the reason of existence and life in this world and others. Man exists in that frequency of the moment, trapped in the atomic and the static frequency of present time, the static frequency that he will be dragged, swallowed and consumed by.

Man free of beliefs, completely autonomous, free of shame, hatred, vanity, fear would be dynamic. Man can never become dynamic and Universal, because he belongs to matter, to the atomic static frequency which retains his thoughts, and retains his destiny, guided and imposed by the atom, in the frequency of statism.

Man is static not dynamic, he retains himself and retains others in the static frequency. Until man breaks and frees himself from the atomic static frequency, he won’t have freedom of feeling, thought, action and transcendence. I repeat, man is static, he is governed by the atom and all his beliefs, feelings, thoughts that are static, due to the preeminence, the dominance of the atom above him. Vanity, hatred, pride, greed, selfishness, fear, ignorance and beliefs are static and ty man to the atomic frequency, this is why man shall never be free and never transcend.

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♦ Intelligence Thoughts Consciousness

Universal Thought Intelligence Consciousness

We know that to create electricity, negative and positive energy from a generator is needed. Similarly, for the creation of matter and biological life, universal negative and positive energy is needed.

All matter in the universe is composed of inert negative energy that has been fecundated by positive dynamic energy, and where appropriate circumstantial conditions exist, biological life begins. All biological life evolves on our planet earth until animal life appeared after many biological mutations. As the ancestors of man were the most suitable and prepared of all animal species, with the most refined and developed instincts of survival. During his evolution and need of survival, he was able to reach and syntonize the universal frequency of human intelligence. This is how man becomes a rational animal.

Human intelligence isn’t generated in man’s brain, human intelligence comes from a very high universal frequency. When man was able to reached the universal frequency of human intelligence, he received a part of the Universal Spirit, from where human intelligence comes from. The brain is a like a catalytic converter, a landing track which Universal intelligence needs for materializing  through the thoughts of Human Beings.

Man is an animal, because he has a natural biological body, and he is rational because he was able to reach and syntonize the high universal frequency of human intelligence.

The physical-organic and intellectual duality of man

There are different ways of thinking and being.This is where man differs from a Human Being, by their different ways of thinking and acting.

dualidad250 (1)


The mental function of the brain, is the same as the function of the heart or the lungs, it’s for keeping man alive. This belongs to the negative, to the body, to the physical-organic matter of man. The feelings of his senses and his instincts, affected by the existential circumstances, induces and motivates his reactions, thoughts and actions. The rational animal called man, is induced by his instincts, interests and feelings, his material and physical-organic needs created by the sensations and instincts, generate thoughts to meet and satisfy those needs and interests, sometimes misunderstood by the subconscious.

For man, to think is to remember and or to relate to someone or something. With these few words, we can resume what the meaning of thought is for the intellectually retarded man that inhabits this world. The problem is, man doesn’t know how to think, he doesn’t even know what thought is for. He doesn’t know what the object of thought is. This is the reason why man can’t and hasn’t evolved his intellect.

Human Being:

Human Beings thoughts and actions are governed by the frequency of the Universal Spirit. The dynamic energy of the Spirit manifests in the physical frequency when Humans generate thoughts that are created by their sentiments which are induced by the needs and understanding of the Universal Spirit.

Intelligence Thoughts Consciousness Transcendence Bio Universal Code

Thought is the main work of the brain, it’s the conceptual exercise that increases, releases, heals, strengthens, develops, evolves and transcends the intellect of intelligent beings. The brain and intelligence are nothing without a product, without a fruit.

The fruit of the brain and intelligence is thoughts.

The fruit of thoughts are the concepts developed.

The fruit of the concepts that are exercised and applied is consciousness.

The fruit of consciousness is universal transcendence.

 For developing high levels of human consciousness:

We need:

 1-  Completely free and unlimited rational Intelligence. 

2-  Exercise and apply thoughts physically and mentally to experience them.

3- Conceptualize, create a system of scientific, technological, educational, and cultural concepts until we create a system of concepts of concepts, to create pure intellectuality which is consciousness.

The object of thought is to develop consciousness, and this is achieved by researching, thinking, and knowing that the object of human intelligence is physical, intellectual and spiritual freedom. The solution for the problems of life is to think in a rational, objective, evolutionary and infinitely transcendent way.

For man to reach freedom of thought and action, he must learn how to break and release himself from the static atomic material frequency he and his body are trapped in.

The superior heights of the universe are for free and conscious beings. Freedom and consciousness are the wings that man must activate to navigate and know the universe.

Universal consciousness

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