Man needs to believe and doesn’t want to know

Ignorant aren’t those who don’t know.

Ignorant are those who don’t want to know..

If  man does not know what he is, why he is, or where he is, he’s only an intermediate universal energy without a meaning or sense of existence. He is an energy with the only meaning of destruction. Man unfortunately knows nothing therefore is not prepared to live, much less to die.

To live, we must know what there is before, during and after our physical existence. As man doesn’t know who he is, where he comes from or where he is going, he incapable of living. In order to live and be prepared to die physically, man must know all this because if he isn’t prepared to live, much less can he be prepared to die.  

Man is bound to a chain of ignorance of more than two thousand links, a chain that man needs because he needs a  meaning for his life. This is why he invented a lie to which he is tied down to. He wants and needs to be chained because he couldn’t find the truth, so instead of conquering the truth, he invents beliefs and holds on to the chain to feel safe, believing in a false explanation of his origin and destination.

Man can’t feel safe unless he believes in something, so he believes in his prison of ignorance. He believes that the chain will guide him and lead him towards his salvation. He thinks that by believing in his invented beliefs he an origin and  a reason of existence that shall lead him towards his destiny and transcendence. This is why he definitely doesn’t want to know. He wants to continue believing in lies and doesn’t want to know the truth, a truth that he is not capable of understanding and accepting, existing well below the truth, mounted at the top of lies well below the high universal frequential level of  truth. He is unwilling to let go of the chain of  lies and unwilling to climb the truth which is a universal frequency of vertical dynamics.

As man in his physical and material smallness is incapable of discovering and understanding the truth, incapable of  understanding the incredible magnitude the reason of his universal existence has. versal things 

Man depending on his intelligence, his way of thinking, concept and level of consciousness, understands, appreciates and values things. As his universal concepts, knowledge and consciousness are very limited, they are not enough for him to value high universal values. Therefore, what man can value is limited by his ignorance.

Man can only value at his own level, he can only value things of low value because he is uncapable of valuing things above of himself..That is not enough to assess him above things because something under only low values the not knowing that there is something above. The man is dwarfed and its small concepts ignores the universal truth, abilities and qualities. Dwarfs and ignores the universal truth, because of its devaluation devalues everything with that way of thinking and seeing things. The man is unable to evaluate something superior to him, because he just does not want to know and belong to something greater than the universe.

The man is limited to their traumas, their unbelief, their lies, their material and intellectual physical limitancias, and thus limits the universe, does not believe in the truth, does not believe in the universe, it devalues because it has no measure , has size and has no ability to assess things vastly superior because depending on what values a person how value is to the other. In everything you have in front, all that can exist, if the person is not valued, not know how to value issues that fails to understand, it does not understand. Something that has size, something that has no value, can not value something that is not the same, something that is not able to understand. As it is not understood is not valued, not understand otherwise does not value others and hence the great limitation of man, for him everything is small, because it is small, for him nothing is worth anything, because he is worthless, for it no significance because he can not transcend, because not even understand which is transcendence. For him the truth does not exist, because he lives in a lie, it’s a lie. Therefore I say and I repeat: everyone appreciates things according to the value he has.

Impossible to value something when worthlessness, impossible to know the truth when one is a lie, impossible to receive the truth when a lie is received, impossible to understand, when neither one understands, impossible to discern the truth, when one is a lie.

It is unequivocal conception and believe that indeed it is a movement, it is an energy, it is a kind of infra intelligence. Infra, because energy is a dynamic anti regressive, anti creative, static, paralyzing and destructive. Believing is below intelligence and knowledge is intelligence. Knowledge is dynamic, is above intelligence. That is, the pursue acting, and walk in the know, living in the know, being in the dynamics of knowledge, acting physical materially in the know, is above intelligence, because it is active, active, effective and dynamic intelligence.

I must clarify that it is about to begin the destruction of the infracultura era of ignorance, we are on the threshold of the beginning of the era of intelligence, the era of the meeting, the era of reality, the era of verifiable truth, authentic effective and active, the Supreme era, the era of Universal Human being.

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