♦ Humans aren’t born, they’re developed


Humans aren’t born, they’re developed

Human Being

When man is born, he isn’t born with human intelligence and consciousness developed; therefore, he isn’t born human. If man is born genetically and physically healthy, he is born with the aptitude to develop, the high human scales of intelligence and consciousness, among other qualities and aptitudes necessary to develop himself into a Human Being. If he doesn’t develop the necessary levels of intelligence and consciousness, he will never become Human, he shall remain tied down by his ignorance, unconscious and distracted, without a reason to live or exist.

Unfortunately, science and man in general, don’t know what levels of intelligence and consciousness are required for constituting Human Beings. Science commits a very serious mistake, a very serious omission when they affirm that man genetic and generically is born Human. They make no difference between an ignorant and unconscious racist man and a Human Being.

By the mere genetic and generic facts man is born with, he cannot be considered human. To consider or qualify someone as a human being, he should have human levels of intelligence and consciousness developed. When man is born healthy, he is born genetically and generically with the ability, with the aptitude of developing the necessary levels of intelligence and consciousness for constituting himself into a Human Being, if he has the necessary circumstantial conditions and counts with and maintains the required attitude for his development.

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